2018 WWTLC Gathering Application

WWTLC welcomes your gathering application for 2018! It is with excitement that we place this application in your hands and welcome your gathering during the summer of 2018. When Michfest was over, we each received an acorn. Since that time, many of us have been working hard to plant those acorns around the world. We know that WWTLC is just one of the places to hold an acorn. Hundreds of women have contributed money, time and energy to be able to bring us back Home. We, as the WWTLC Board of Directors, have been preparing the space to gather the voices, bodies, laughter, movements and actions of women and girls together so we can look into each other's eyes once again. With this application, you join others as we embark upon a social justice project in this unique and wild venue. Producing a gathering on The Land is an investment in a much larger vision beyond each individual gathering. It is about hope, it is about healing, it is about politics and it is about our lives as forward-thinking women. With all our fierce love, let's rise again!

For women. For girls. Forever.
WWTLC Board of Directors

Application available - November 5
Application due date - December 5 or before
Notification of approval - starting December 14

Land open for Gatherings: June 26 through August 5 and August 13-19
Land open for Day visits only (no camping): August 6 - 12 (See Logistics section on page 4 of this application)

*If space is available, additional applications will be accepted up to April 1. Applications must be submitted at least 90 days prior to first day of gathering.

** Application fee: $25 non-refundable. (If your gathering is accepted, the deposit will be credited toward your rental fee.) Checks should be made out to WWTLC and submitted by mail with a copy of your application confirmation (which you will receive by email) to the following address:

    We Want the Land Coalition
    P.O. Box 11
    Arlington Heights, IL 60006-0011

*** IMPORTANT NOTICE: WWTLC must reach our fundraising goal of $400,000 by December 31, 2017 in order to host gatherings on The Land in 2018. We cannot support gatherings on The Land without funds to make our scheduled land payment in April, organizational staffing and basic accessibility improvements outlined in our Annual Autumn Appeal. Final announcement regarding gatherings in 2018 will take place no later than January 15, 2018. If we are unable to meet our fundraising goals, all deposits will be refunded at 100%.

For questions about the application process, please email application@wwtlc.org or make an appointment, via e-mail, for a phone conversation.

WWTLC Provides:

  • Basic infrastructure: water, electricity, hot open-air showers, portable toilets (w/accessible toilet in every camping area), trash disposal and recycling, parking and volunteers to manage these basic provisions.
  • Optional meal plan
  • Gate security
  • Accessible eating and gathering spaces including gathering tents, lighting, tables, and chairs
  • Wheelchair accessible camping space: fully accessible portable toilets, accessible showers, electricity for medical needs
  • Central charging station for electronics
  • Ice, coffee and tea sales
  • Rental fee with and without meal plan
  • Basic first aid and emergency plan (medical staff will not be available)
  • A calendar of all 2018 gatherings published on WWTLC website. (Private gatherings will be listed as "Private Event")

Gathering Producers Provide:

  • Any and all programming
  • Collection of participant fees and on time payment of rental deposits and fees
  • Staff for attendee registration and liaison for women with disabilities.
  • Scholarship and financial assistance
  • Inclusion plans (WOC, young women, older women, low income women, parents, women with disabilities)
  • ASL Interpreting and assistance for women with disabilities as needed
  • Childcare plan, space and personnel (if you are providing childcare)
  • Support and enforcement of all WWTLC Land Usage Guidelines provided with contract
  • Primary communication with attendees
  • Marketing/Promotion for own event
  • A confirmed participant list (see Agreements on final page of application)
  • Optional services that could be provided:
    • Community sleeping and/or designated camping areas for substance-free, family camping, etc;
    • Transportation assistance on The Land (i.e. shuttle service, load in and load out assistance, etc.)

Name and Contact Information


Your Gathering

NOTE: Word limits for some questions are suggestions only but please adhere to them as closely as possible. For example, a typical page which has 1-inch margins and is typed in 12 point font single spaced will be approximately 500 words.
Name of Gathering*
Would you consider your gathering to be (check all that apply):*
How many attendees are you expecting (not to exceed 300)? Children should be included in your total number.*
Please describe the purpose, goals (what you want to accomplish) and primary activities of your gathering: (suggested limit 250 words)*
Please describe in detail how your gathering will benefit women and/or girls. (suggested limit 500 words)*
Given that The Land is available for gatherings that focus specifically on benefiting women and girls, will you please describe your intended participants/audience?*

We recognize that some gatherings could be limited to some type of population. However, we encourage you to make your gathering as inclusive as possible. If you are having a public gathering and this is not a private event, please address the following: (total suggested limit 400 words)*

  • How will your gathering encourage young women, older women, low-income women, and women with disabilities to attend?
  • How will your gathering be multicultural and multiracial?
  • If children and/or teens will attend your event, what special activities do you plan to provide?
  • Will you provide scholarships and/or sliding-fee scale for your gathering?

If children will be among your attendees, what is your plan for childcare? Describe space, personnel, provisions for health/safety and activities. (suggested limit 250 words, if not applicable please write "n/a")*
Will you have boys over age 5 at your gathering? Please explain. (if not applicable please write "n/a")*
What methods will you use to market/promote your gathering?*


Week gatherings will be Tuesday - Sunday. Weekend gatherings will be Friday - Sunday. The season will run from June 26-August 26 with no gatherings the week of August 7 when The Land will be open for day visits only.

Producers may arrive a day prior to the event but no meals will be provided on Mondays for week gatherings or Thursday for weekend gatherings.

What are your preferred dates:*
Are there specific areas of The Land you would like to use for your gathering activities and why are they preferred?
NOTE: Preferred areas will be reviewed for logistics and must meet Land Conservancy guidelines. If you are unfamiliar with The Land, please describe types of areas preferred (i.e. large open field, wooded/shaded area, etc.) (if not applicable please write "n/a")*
If you wish to use an area which is not accessible to women with disabilities, please describe how you will address access (e.g. running a shuttle service): (if not applicable please write "n/a")*
Would you be agreeable to having another gathering occur on The Land at the same time as your gathering?*
Are there any restrictions on the types of groups with whom you would be willing to share The Land?*
NOTE: If yes, please be aware open-air showers, portable toilets, camping and community spaces will be shared. Please know that if you check YES, we will be in touch to discuss any overlapping gatherings with you and the other gathering organizer(s).
If you are agreeable to having other gathering(s) on The Land at the same time, would those attending the other gathering(s) be welcome at any of your gathering activities?*
If you are planning for a group smaller than 100 attendees, would you consider reaching out to another organizer, combine events, and submit a dual-application?*
NOTE: WWTLC may be able to assist with identifying another group interested in combining efforts.
WWTLC seeks to continue the feminist principle of co-created events and gatherings, including the opportunity to serve on volunteer workshifts during a gathering. Does your gathering lend itself to volunteer workshifts on The Land? Examples of work shifts include garbage collection, security shifts, kitchen shifts, recycling.*
NOTE: This is not required, but will assist us in ensuring we have enough volunteers on The Land during your gathering. Availability of pre and post gathering workshifts is based on WWTLC need and determination of need will be the sole responsibility of WWTLC. Workshifts during, before and after gathering will be available on an as-needed basis. If before or after gathering, meals will be provided for attendees volunteering 8 hrs/day.
Would you consider having someone from your planning group serve on the Land Team (suggested 3 days - 1 week for 8 hrs/day) before your gathering to learn about land preparation and for the Land Team to learn about your gathering.*

Rental Fees and Meal Plans

Rental fees/meal plans are as follows and based on arrival after 9 am and departure by 4 pm. Rental fees and meal plans do not include profit for WWTLC but do cover costs in providing the venue.

Weekly gatherings (Tuesday - Sunday): Up to 300 women - $15,000 flat fee without meals. Plus $90 per attendee per week with meals.
Weekend gatherings (Thursday - Sunday): Up to 300 women - $7,500 flat fee without meals. Plus $45 per attendee per weekend with meals.

Children should be included in your total number. Children 12 and under: no charge for meals. Children/teens 13 -18: standard meal plan prices apply. Small groups are welcome to combine to make the total number of attendees larger. WWTLC may be able to assist with identifying other group(s) interested in combining efforts.

Weekend-only gatherings will be scheduled on a space available basis, after week-long gatherings are booked. It may be possible for weekend gatherings to occur at the same time as week-long gatherings if all groups are agreeable.

Meal Plan Details

Gathering producers must choose meals or no meals for all attendees. We are not able to provide a combination of meals and no meals.

Meal plan provides three vegetarian meals per day: cold breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The meal plan will have a fixed vegetarian menu. Coffee and tea will be available for sale. Delicious Land Water (hot and cold) will be available in abundance. Some dietary choices will be provided (i.e. vegan, gluten free) but not all preferences can be accommodated.

Arrival day meals (Tuesday for weekly and Friday for weekend) will include lunch and dinner.

Departure day meals (Sunday) will include cold brunch.

Attendees or producers must provide dishes, cups, cutlery and napkins. Dishwashing areas will be provided.

If your group will be providing your own meals, please describe in detail how you will store food, cook meals and cleanup during your gathering (if not applicable, please write "N/A").*

Note: open fires are only permitted in designated fire pits. WWTLC Land Use Guidelines for food storage and trash disposal must be followed to control raccoons, skunks, etc.


WWTLC requires all gatherings to have additional insurance coverage as a rider to our existing insurance coverage. Based on WWTLC's agreement to purchase The Land, WWTLC needs to provide notice of gatherings and proof of insurance at least 60 days prior to the gathering. Gatherings cannot occur unless these requirements are met.

NOTE: As an example of a rider, WWTLC purchased an additional insurance rider for 100 women on The Land in August, 2017 for 4 weeks, at a cost of $100.

We will provide proof of insurance coverage at least 90 days prior to our gathering. We understand that not providing proof of insurance means that our gathering has lost the dates and deposit and can re-apply for a later date.*

Preliminary Agreements

After your application is accepted, you will be asked to agree formally to the following in the signed contract. Additional agreements will be included in the final contract. Please verify your agreement to the following at this time:

  • We will adhere to the mission of WWTLC to provide women and girls with unique programs, gatherings, and experiences that celebrate women's history, promote healing and empowerment, build women's community, and encourage education and growth. We will uphold the values of respect for each other and The Land and welcome diversity among our attendees based upon the intention of our gathering.
  • We understand producers will be asked to adhere to WWTLC Land Usage Guidelines provided with final contract.
  • We understand that prior to the gathering, producers will:
      complete a short Virtual Land Conservancy of West Michigan informational training.
    • complete a Final Preparation Form approximately 30 days in advance of your gathering. Among information requested
    • will be number of tents, RVs (including size), women with disabilities in need of accessible camping with electricity, etc. Information will be provided with the final contract providing a detailed description of terrain and accessible areas for women with disabilities.
    • appoint a liaison for women with disabilities in your gathering who will work directly with the WWTLC Land Team before and during your gathering.
    • provide WWTLC with final list of attendees along with their arrival and departure dates, one week prior to the start date of the gathering.
    • (if applicable) ensure that all parents/caregivers with children under 18 in attendance at our gathering know they must sign a waiver provided by WWTLC. We understand that if childcare is available, parents/caregivers may not leave The Land during times childcare is provided due to insurance liability. We also understand that if no organized childcare will be provided, parents will be responsible for their own children at all times.
    • provide proof of insurance coverage at least 90 days prior to our gathering
  • We understand that during the gathering, producers will verify registration at the entrance to The Land between 9 am and 5 pm to verify registered gathering attendees. We understand that attendees not registered for the gathering will not be allowed on The Land.
  • No on-site registration will be permitted. However, you may add 10% of your total number of attendees up to 2 weeks prior to the event (not to exceed 300). In addition, if one attendee cannot attend, another attendee can take their place.
  • We will provide a deposit of 20% with signed contract, another 30% 90 days before the gathering, another 30% 60 days before the gathering and the remaining 20% 30 days before the gathering. I understand that the deposit is refundable up to 50% of the total paid amount to date if cancellation occurs 90 days prior to the first day of the gathering. After 90 days, the deposit is not refundable.

I understand and will comply with the above agreements.*