About Us

Still StandingWE WANT THE LAND COALITION, INC. (“WWTLC”) is a recognized nonprofit organization in the state of Michigan whose mission is to sustain and administer 650 acres of undeveloped land in Walkerville, Michigan for the use and benefit of women and girls around the globe. By making The Land available to individuals and groups dedicated to serving women and girls in their programming and events, WWTLC strives to empower, embolden, and educate women and girls in all aspects of their lives, both on and off The Land.

WWTLC seeks to preserve The Land in its current pristine state through sound environmental management. WWTLC also seeks to ensure the availability of The Land as healing and rejuvenating space to women and girls in perpetuity.

As the former location of the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, The Land is considered by many to be a site of historical, spiritual, and emotional significance because of its deep association with an event that incubated, created, and held lesbian and women’s culture in the United States and beyond for four decades.

As the new creation sprouting from the Festival’s legacy, WWTLC seeks to continue to provide space for the empowerment, liberation and healing of women and girls on The Land.

What The Land Can Do

RoadWWTLC seeks to be the steward of a powerful homeland for generations of women and girls to come. We offer an expansive, wild and protected space whose only purpose is to provide women and girls with opportunities to experience community and develop the emotional tools and self-awareness to thrive.

By providing access to The Land, WWTLC will create unique opportunities for women and girls to:

  • Identify and dismantle the gendered beliefs about their limitations by removing themselves from the pervasive discrimination and negative messaging unremittingly imposed through online culture and general socialization;
  • Understand and explore the full range of their interests and abilities regardless of age, race, class background, ability level, ethnicity or nationality;
  • Experience and learn practical skills (carpentry, archery, plumbing, etc.) that encourage the creation of new, limitless, worlds;
  • Utilize ecological stewardship as a model to develop healthier ways to relate to their own bodies;
  • Identify healthy relational models for considering the needs of themselves and others within a community of peers;
  • Educate women and girls about the history created on The Land, including the history of working class women, feminists, lesbians, women of color, women with disabilities and other historically marginalized groups within the women’s community.