About Our Logo

We Want The Land CoalitionOur logo brings together the diverse roots of our current and future community, our hopes for buying the Land, and the history that brought us here.

We recognize the circle that is open, but never broken. It is a distressed circle, one that has been through the wringer, but one that is still here.

We recognize the history of women warriors in almost every culture since the beginning of time through their use of arrows. From the Amazons of current day Turkey who founded cities and removed a breast to better hold a bow, to Banyemba the Huntress of Zimbabwe, to Diana of Roman myth, to the women participating in archery demonstrations at the 2015 Indigenous Games, to Girl Scout/Girl Guide Camps all over the world, the arrow has symbolized women’s focus, fierceness, and strength.


We recognize the importance of nature in cleansing our souls by centrally incorporating the power of the fern that grows all over the Land. In addition to its representation of the earth itself, the fern, in its uncanny ability to grow in almost any soil, also symbolizes resistance.

We recognize the need to go back and remember why the need for this Land existed and why that need still exists today.

Sankofa We incorporate two West African Adinkra symbols to pay homage both to the fern (“Aya”) and to the idea of learning from what came before (“Sankofa“).

From these many individual, unique parts, we create a shield of unity. We present this logo as a means to visually represent building the vast richness of our diversity. From our many pieces, we come together into one unified, strong, and invincible whole.